1. LGMA Metrics + Appendices
LGMA Metrics (Clean)

(Food Safety Practices)
v. 08.20.20 // Published 09.18.20

LGMA Metrics (Clean), Español

(Prácticas de seguridad alimentaria)
v.08.20.20 // Publicado el 09.18.20 // Publicado en Español el 01.12.21

LGMA Metrics (with Tracked Changes)

(Food Safety Practices)
v. 08.20.20 // Published on WG’s Leafy Greens Guidance site

Appendix A

Agricultural Water System Assessments and Remediation Guidelines v. 01/28/21

Appendix B

Technical Basis Document v. 12/12/2019

Appendix C

Product Testing Protocol v. 09/05/2019

Appendix E

Standards For Composting Operations v. 08/01/2010

Appendix F

Considerations for Assessing Environmental Weather Conditions v. 10/26/2018

Appendix G

Considerations for Growing Leafy Greens Near CAFOs v.10/26/2018

Appendix R

Root Cause Analysis for Water Resources v. 09/05/2019

Appendix X

Guidance for Soil Collection for Cadmium Analysis v. 10/26/2018

Appendix Y

Guidance for Developing Best Management Practices to Reduce Cadmium Uptake by Spinach v. 09/05/2019

Appendix Z

CA Resource Agency Contacts v. 10/26/2019

2. LGMA Audit Checklists
Scheduled Audit Checklist

v. 12.30.2020, includes August 2020 Metrics updates.

Unannounced Audit Checklist

Rev. 04.07.21

3. Fact Sheets + Decision Trees
Decision Tree: Assessing Animal Activity in the Field
Decision Tree: Evaluaciones Ambientales Actividad de los Animales en el Campo
Decision Tree: Assessing Soil Fertility
Fact Sheet: Flooding
Fact Sheets: Water

v 20210219.1; reflects August 2020 Metrics changes
Covers Types A, B, B to A, and Overhead Chemical Application Water

Hojas Informativas: Agua

Versión en Español 20210405 de la versión en Inglés 20210219.1
Tipos, A, B, B a A, y agua para aplicaciones químicas aéreas

4. Sample SOPs
SOP Water System Assessment

Sample SOP for Water System Assessments

Weather Pre-Harvest SOP

Sample SOP for Weather: Pre-Harvest

CAFOs: Pre-Season & Pre-Harvest SOPs

Sample SOP for CAFOs: Pre-Season & Pre-Harvest

Irrigation Sampling SOP

Sample SOP for Irrigation Water Sampling

5. Sample Forms
Sample Form #1

Ag Water System Assessment v.09.04.19

Sample Form #2

Revised Food Safety Assessment Form (with CAFO and Weather Considerations) v. 09.24.19

6. Other Resources
Poster: What is a Culture of Food Safety? (English + Spanish)
7. Mobile Training Apps
LGMA Tech Hand Washing Training App for iOS Devices (Spanish)
LGMA Tech Hand Washing Training App for iOS Devices (English)