1. LGMA Metrics, Appendices, & Guidance Documents
LGMA Metrics (Clean)

(Food Safety Practices)
v. 08.20.20 // Published 09.18.20

LGMA Metrics (Clean), Español

(Prácticas de seguridad alimentaria)
v.08.20.20 // Publicado el 09.18.20 // Publicado en Español el 01.12.21

LGMA Metrics (with Tracked Changes)

(Food Safety Practices)
v. 08.20.20 // Published on WG’s Leafy Greens Guidance site

Appendix A

Agricultural Water System Assessments and Remediation Guidelines v. 01/28/21

Appendix B

Technical Basis Document v. 12/12/2019

Appendix C

Product Testing Protocol v. 09/05/2019

Appendix E

Standards For Composting Operations v. 08/01/2010

Appendix F

Considerations for Assessing Environmental Weather Conditions v. 10/26/2018

Appendix G

Considerations for Growing Leafy Greens Near CAFOs v.10/26/2018

Appendix R

Root Cause Analysis for Water Resources v. 09/05/2019

Appendix X

Guidance for Soil Collection for Cadmium Analysis v. 10/26/2018

Appendix Y

Guidance for Developing Best Management Practices to Reduce Cadmium Uptake by Spinach v. 09/05/2019

Appendix Z

CA Resource Agency Contacts v. 10/26/2019

Pre-Harvest Testing Guidance Document


2. LGMA Audit Checklists
Scheduled Audit Checklist

v. 12.30.2020, includes August 2020 Metrics updates.

Unannounced Audit Checklist

Rev. 04.07.21

3. Fact Sheets + Decision Trees
Decision Tree: Assessing Animal Activity in the Field
Decision Tree: Evaluaciones Ambientales Actividad de los Animales en el Campo
Decision Tree: Assessing Soil Fertility
Fact Sheet: Flooding
Fact Sheets: Water

v 20210219.1; reflects August 2020 Metrics changes
Covers Types A, B, B to A, and Overhead Chemical Application Water

Hojas Informativas: Agua

Versión en Español 20210405 de la versión en Inglés 20210219.1
Tipos, A, B, B a A, y agua para aplicaciones químicas aéreas

4. Sample SOPs
SOP Water System Assessment

Sample SOP for Water System Assessments

Weather Pre-Harvest SOP

Sample SOP for Weather: Pre-Harvest

CAFOs: Pre-Season & Pre-Harvest SOPs

Sample SOP for CAFOs: Pre-Season & Pre-Harvest

Irrigation Sampling SOP

Sample SOP for Irrigation Water Sampling

5. Sample Forms
Sample Form #1

Ag Water System Assessment v.09.04.19

Sample Form #2

Revised Food Safety Assessment Form (with CAFO and Weather Considerations) v. 09.24.19

6. Other Resources
Poster: What is a Culture of Food Safety? (English + Spanish)
6A. External Resources
UCCE Ranch Water Quality Videos

The University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) has published a Ranch Water Quality Planning Curriculum for free on YouTube. To get started with the materials, the Marin County UCCE recommends watching the following five preview videos in the playlist:

    Science of Grazing Management and Water Quality
    Public Lands Grazing and Water Quality
    Nutrient Dynamics and Water Quality on California Rangelands
    Fate and Transport of Sediment
    Rangeland Management of Waterborne Pathogens from Livestock and Wildlife
7. Mobile Training Apps
LGMA Tech Hand Washing Training App for iOS Devices (Spanish)
LGMA Tech Hand Washing Training App for iOS Devices (English)